Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction will be holding a
this SATURDAY - NOVEMBER 9th, 2013

Tickets are only $10.00 per person for entry into the trail! All proceeds from
November 9th, 2013
will go toward financial assistance for Natalie's medical expenses and other
financial hardships!

Friendship and love are powerful tools that make all the difference for someone fighting a serious illness.
With your help, Natalie Parry can become a survivor in her battle!

Five years ago, Natalie McCall Parry lost her eight year old son, Bryson, to a three year battle with
Leukemia. Just when Natalie and her family thought they had regained some emotional and financial footing,
Natalie was diagnosed with Behcet's disease and months later, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Natalie's son, Bryson, called her Nonnie. It is in honor of Bryson's fight and Natalie's future survivor story
that this campaign is called Nonnie's Run.

Natalie and her husband, Brandon, had worked hard to become financially stable before illness interrupted their lives. They have two daughters, Taylor and Logan Parry. These girls' lives have been overshadowed by disease and financial stress. They have lost their brother and deserve a chance to have a healthy
mother again. A once active mom in her children's lives, Natalie is now unable to drive and struggles physically.

Please help ease the financial burden on a family that deserves a miracle with a donation. Prayers for the family are also welcome and encouraged! Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction hopes to see as many people as possible for this event for it is for a good cause. I, the owner of Trotterville Horror, have met
Natalie and she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is for sure a fighter against her illness. She keeps her head held high and always thinks positive. Before Natalies illness, she was the kind of person to help everyone that she could in any way she could.


Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction

  is known for our real ghost stories that linger within our trail.
You may not know if it is a spirit you have encountered or
one of our 70 live actors. 

Our unguided tour will make you SCREAM  as you take a
horror-filled journey through a mile and a half of the
darkest woods. You will experience our bloodcurdling scenes,

abandoned barns, and nothing but full on TERROR!

   If you are looking for the fright of your life, then you do not
want to miss out on what we have in store for you this
2013 season!

**While you are waiting in line or when you exit the trail, feel free to stop
 by our General Store. You can purchase hot chocolate, drinks,
snacks, and an assortment of apparel!**

One of our newest attractions this year is
For an additional $5.00, you can take a simulation ride in a Casket
to the grave. Scary, right? Well wait until you get inside and
experience it yourself. Once inside the Casket, you will be in the dark
and lying on your back. You will hear the sound and feel the
movement of the gravediggers loading you in a hearse, riding you
to the grave site, placing you in the ground, and dirt being thrown
upon you. We just hope the gravediggers get you there safely.



Harvest Night - Lights Out Event
November 1st and 2nd
Gates open at 8:00pm
Adult Admission: $20.00 per person
Children 12 and under: $10.00 per person

Has it ever been your biggest fear to walk through the woods in the
pitch dark? Well here is your opportunity. These two nights you
will walk through the trail with NO lights on!
NO lights, NO flashlights! Just you and your friends wondering
through the woods not knowing what you will encounter along
the way. So be sure not to take a wrong turn cause you might
just find yourself where you do not belong!


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